news collection 2024 by furnipart @ kbb

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news collection 2024 by furnipart @ kbb


news collection 2024 by furnipart @ kbb

This year at KBB Birmingham, we are excited to partner with furnipart, showcasing their latest innovations in handle design. While we proudly distribute their exceptional range, our team, led by Adam Wheeler, will be available at the furnipart stand (R100) to meet with you.

We're here to discuss how these designs can elevate your projects, focusing on unique textures, sustainable materials, and the latest trends from the News Collection 2024 (see highlights below).

Join us to explore the possibilities and how our partnership with furnipart can bring added value to your business. We're looking forward to meeting you in person and sharing everything the furnipart range has to offer.



Discover the COMET handle, where poetic imperfection meets pared-down minimalism. Its finishes in matte brass, bronze, and black echo a vintage revival with modern nostalgia, blending tranquil simplicity with rustic elegance for a timeless charm that balances past and present...



The RACE handle, designed by Steffensen & Würtz, marries the quiet strength of dark brown oak with the refined shine of brushed brass, presenting a study in balanced contrast. The finishes evoke a serene yet strong presence, where painted colours and tranquil simplicity meet to create a piece with timeless charm and a touch of modern nostalgia...



The LACE handle is a refreshing take on cabinetry hardware, where mature design meets a spirited, playful twist. Its ribbed texture offers a vibrant contrast that's both modern and cheerful, introducing a lively touch to any space. Crafted courageously with sophistication and refinement, the LACE handle embodies a pure, fresh aesthetic for the discerning eye...